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Interior Design Trends of 2019

Building a new house this year? Renovating or simply “refreshing” your current home? We have the trends for you!

~ Article compiled by Tanieka Smith and Lana Wagner ~

2019 is the year to return to nature and make your living space uniquely you.


Walk into the room and identify where your eyes go first; this is the ideal place for a piece of statement artwork. You can always use artwork to imitate the life of the room, for example:  If the artwork is of food, hang it in the kitchen.

Artwork is a good way to reinforce your specific colour palette. Find a piece of artwork you love where you can pull your colours and textures from.

Trending interior paint colours

Most paint brands have released their colours of the year including Dulux who has confirmed we can expect plenty more pastel tones, lots of ‘natural’ colours, and a rise in unique, bright colours.

Living Coral

A colour that plays the role of energizing and nourishing.  This is a colour we love.  This tropical shade burst with vibrant pink and orange undertones.  It offers a fresh way to incorporate navy, pinks and crisp whites.


We are confident to say that warm and creamy shades of hazelnut paint colours won’t go out of style or clash with any of your already existing furniture.

Bold Colours

Think deep teal, berry pink and mushroom brown.   It takes a little planning to pull off bold colours but when executed properly it adds an air of elegance to any room or space but is especially emerging as a top trend in kitchen designs.

Muted Pastels

Another favourite this year is effortless blues with a touch of grey that brings a calm and comfortable feeling in any space but if you want to go for a more earthy look then warm rusty oranges and olive greens are the way to go.

Quick fact:  According to therapists, colours can have a psychological and physical impact on us. For example, some colours can raise blood pressure, increase metabolism and can even cause eye strain, while other colours have a healing effect and can balance energy levels.


Standard new family homes are better to be done in natural / black ‘white ‘grey tones. Easier for re sale. Bring in your pop of colour with artwork, cushions, vases, flowers, plants etc. All things that are changeable!

Be careful when using colour for things such as front doors, pendant lights, curtains, feature walls, kitchen splash-backs etc. These things can’t be changed easily, and colour trends change!


Bigger is better this year and don’t forget about the many health and well-being benefits.  They create a cleaner atmosphere and purify the air. Plants can make a room more elegant, welcoming and relaxing.

It’s a great way to bring nature into our tech driven lives.

There are countless ways to style plants but this year it’s about being creative with styling while still having the easy maintenance aspect.

The fern is a perfect start and gives off that tropical vibe….

Grouping indoor plants together creates a focal point.

Group different coloured leaves together and make use of different colour pots and sizes.

No space on the floor for indoor plants? Why not display them in stunning hanging planters?

Five handy tips for how to care for your plants

  1. Keep in mind their light requirements and make sure they are easily accessible.
  2. Over-watering rather than under-watering tends to be the killer.
  3. Get into a routine; choose a day week to check the plants, like a Sunday morning while sipping on that first cup of coffee.
  4. Invest in a good plastic spritzer bottle and make sure to spritz the whole plant, not only does it clean the leaves and knocks out the pests, but it also improves the humidity, which most indoor plants love as they are tropical by nature.
  5. Make sure to change the soil mix every couple of years and replant in bigger pot.


Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most stylish of them all?

This year curvy and oversized mirrors are a popular trend as it softens the look of a room almost instantly.  A well-placed mirror can help give the appearance of more space.  It reflects the room making you think the room is larger than it is. A Good trick is to place a mirror next to any lighting feature to maximize the light.  Another way to use mirrors is to place them opposite a window to increase both space and brightness at the same time.

While trends are inspiring and act as a guideline when you are about to update or decorate a space, remember the most important design expert you can bring on board to this project is you!  Decorate your space with things you find value in or things that are beautiful for you.  Enjoy the space that you are creating and trust yourself.