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The Trent Boult and Barrett Homes Story

It all started one sunny day back in September at the Steve Adams Golf Tournament where we met Trent and immediately hit it off. Not only did we get along on a personal level, but we also started recognising qualities in him that reflect what we embody at Barrett Homes: proudly and passionately local, a love for our community, a steadfast focus on quality outcomes, and always in the pursuit of perfection.

We got to thinking… could a partnership between Trent and Barrett work? We didn’t want just your typical spokesperson, we wanted a genuine partnership that reflected our shared values and mindset. We could tell, the Trent Boult Barrett Homes story could be so much more…

This was just the start of what is turning out to be a pretty amazing partnership. We always say we don’t just want to build homes… we want to build quality homes that delight our clients and that offer so much more than anyone else. Trent has been able to recognise this in us since day one, just as we recognise his steadfast dedication to provide his team and his fans with the best cricket he possibly can. Seems we are both … in pursuit of perfection!

Welcome to the Trent Boult and Barrett Homes story.