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Eversham Road Exterior

Has there ever been a better time to buy new?

Whether to buy an existing home or build new is a question that many prospective homeowners ponder. Weighing up all the options is often an exhausting and time consuming process. As of November 2017, the average house sale price in the Tauranga region has reached $627,241 (figure courtesy of Sun Media, see below). We currently…

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Opportunities beckon in Golden Sands

The government has announced that the Tauranga region will receive $230 million to assist with infrastructure and housing needs – including 35,000 new homes in total! Given the targeted focus on housing needs there’s no doubt this investment will benefit the entire Tauranga region. Existing and potential residents of Golden Sands (and the broader East…

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Whangarei Market Trends

Whangarei market stays hot & the case for buying new

If you’re in the market for a property in Whangarei, it’s suffice to say the market is hot right now – with exceptional growth throughout the winter months. As has been the case for some months now, Auckland’s growth rate is slowing (albeit still increasing at a lower rate).  Some are forecasting its growth could…

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