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NZ Longboard & SUP Open 2018 – Congrats to all participants

Auckland surfer Thomas Kibblewhite (Red Beach) defended his Men’s Longboard Division title at the Barrett Homes New Zealand Longboard and SUP Open held at Papamoa Beach on Saturday (17thFebruary).

It was a great event all around for participants, winners and spectators with some decent swell remaining clean for the majority of the day in the 1.0 – 1.5m range. It’s always great to see local and national surfing talent battle it out across these two disciplines. Please see the official standings below.

Thanks again to everyone in the community who got involved and helped to make this such as special event.

Check out some of the pics from this year’s event below supplied by Luke Larking and be sure to also check him out on Instagram @lukelarking.

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Barrett Homes Men’s Longboard Division Final

Thomas Kibblewhite (Auck), 15.33, 1, Dylan Barnfield (Ohope), 12.67, 2, Zen Wallis (Piha), 11.03, 3, Joe Stewart (Ohope), 9.4, 4

Barrett Homes Women’s Longboard Division Final
Alexis Poulter (Rag), 9.03, 1, Gabi Paul (Piha), 4.96, 2, Kiri Binnersley (Mnt), 4.7, 3, Sunny Yoshida (Rag), 3.24, 4

Over 40s Longboard Division Final
Owen Barnes (Mnt), 14.5, 1, Wyn Hoogerbrugger (Auck), 11.9, 2, Matt Hands (Mnt), 6.1, 3, Mal Brady (Mnt), 6, 4

Over 50s Longboard Division Final
Mark Hoyle (Orewa), 12.6, 1, Brian Young (Orewa), 9.27, 2, Mike Thomson (Rag), 7.17, 3, Brian Moore (TGA), 4.3, 4

Starboard Men’s SUP Division Final
Ollie Houghton (Auck), 12.5, 1, Sean Hovell (Gis), 11.2, 2, Karl Aarsen (WGM), 8.76, 3, Mark Jones (TGA), 7.6, 4

Women’s SUP Division Final
Stella Smith (Gis), 12.4, 1, Alexis Poulter (Waihi Bch), 9.2, 2, Lucy Te Moananui (Kaik), 8.46, 3, Eva Petrikova (Mnt), 2.63, 4

Logger Expression Session
Thomas Kibblewhite, 1, Dylan Barnfield, 2, Zen Wallis (Piha), 3, Bryn Marshall, 4

Starboard King of the Waves
1, Ollie Houghton (Auck), 20:12, 2, Sean Hovell (Gis), 20:34, 3, Jeremy Stephenson (Auck), 23:04, 4, Gavin Houghton (Auck), 25:24